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My First Home Page

Hello, all you nice people who are viewing this.....

This is my first attempt at a web page. I basically put all my worthy, useful bookmarks in here. It's really not much, and more for enjoyment than anything. If it's of actual USE to you, though (which I seriously doubt), that's great.

Being a first attempt, it is very basic. Watch for improvements and snazzy effects as I learn more about HTML coding.

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My Animaniacs Section

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About Myself

Well, I'm Michelle. I'm a 14-year-old Singaporean, and attend the gifted programme in Raffles Girls' School there. As of 1996, I'm in Secondary 2, which is the rough equivalent of eighth grade. I'd include a picture of myself, but I don't own a scanner. Perhaps sometime later.

My name may be Michelle, but only my parents, teachers, brief aqcuaintances and people who have known me for just too long call me that. You see, there are 4 Michelles in my classes, and we have a hard time keeping them apart. So I'm known as Mich most of the time. My close friends call me Michie. Being very short (1.4something metres tall), I am sometimes known as Little One/the little Michelle/the short Michelle. I also have a surprisingly loud voice for someone so petite, and so am sometimes referred to as the loud Michelle.

I'm a really big fan of the Animaniacs. I also spend time on the DALnet IRC channel #watertower under the nick Michiel. (Michie was already taken). I've made many friends there, and some of their pages are listed below.

I also love food, especially chocolate, and IMHO, I'm a pretty decent dessert cook.

Food Links

If food be the music of love, play on......hmm, I think I got the quote wrong. Ah well, never mind.

Epicurious One of the all time great food sites, and it was once a Netscape "What's Cool" site as well! If your browser is graphics-impaired, or you just don't like pictures, check out their text-only version.

Recipe search in Epicurious To make your life easier. Their database is of all the recipes that have ever appeared in "Gourmet" and "Bon Appetit" magazines! Pretty huge.

YumYum Recipes A huuuuge database.

Hershey's Kitchens Lots of great chocolate recipes...mmm On-line Cookbook Good place for just about anything.

Dessert Spartan name, but a GOOD dessert place. Biggest collection of dessert recipes I've ever seen in one place!

Vickie's Food Links Not bad at all. Plenty of links to other food sites. Way comprehensive.

The Kitchen Link As they plug it: "What's cooking on the Net". A pretty decent site. Unwieldy, but many many recipes and other stuff. Give it a shot!
Right now they're having a "Quest for the best brownie recipe. Brownie fans take note!

RecipeNET "Extraordinary Ideas for Ordinary Cooks" -- that's their official slogan. It has RecipEMail, a mailing list that provides you with 5 recipes a week. But be warned: You have to pay. Of course, there are other free recipes. It looks pretty good. Give it a shot.

Pillsbury Bake-off Recipe Index This is the official Pillsbury site. Ir contains all the recipes that have ever made it anywhere in the famous yearly Pillsbury Bake-off. Most of these are worth giving a shot.
One grouse: Because it's a Pillsbury Bake-off, quite a few of the recipes use Pillsbury cake and brownie mixes that might be unavailable where you live. If they only use Pillsbury flour though, you have a chance.


Just some places to relax in.

TV Bytes: TV Themes Home Page Temporarily down This is such a good site! Bazillions of TV themes dating from the '50s to today.

Microsoft's Best of the Best Some of the stuff here is great, but some is hype and/or fluff. You have to sieve through it. Strictly for those with time on their hands.

Main Sanitary Nag (Anagram Insanity) A weird site that anagrams anything you want.

The Light Bulb Joke List The name is self-explanatory...

Enya - Unofficial Home Page You can search anywhere and everywhere for stuff on Enya but the best place is definitely here. It's manned by her loyal fans around the world and is sooooo complete! It has English translations of Gaelic lyrics, transcripts of her press and TV interwiews, pictures, sound clips and videos. (I have the "Anywhere Is" clip and the quality is very good.) Short of the real Enya herself, everything on her seems to be available on this webpage.

Ultimate TV List Wooh! What a huugggee site! Must warn you though, it does take time to load.

The Barney Fun Page A MUST-SEE!!! For anyone whose sibling/child/neighbour/acquaintance has ever gone on about Barney till you want to yank his silly green-spotted purple tail out....

These are some duhisms that I've found. You know duh-isms (hyphenate if you want). They're those signs or notices that often come out SORELY wrong. Why the name? They're so bad that they make you drop your jaw and go "DUHHHHH!!!!" Some of these are so stoopid they'll make you fall off the chair with laughter!! Definitely a must-check-out, if only of the anality of some. So what are you waiting for? GO!!!

Everything Else

This is stuff that just didn't fit into any other category. It's great all the same!

Lands' End I love these guys! Check out the great clothes! Make an especial stop at their kids' section. Too good to miss!

Good Housekeeping One of my favourite mags goes online. The recipes are great!

Virtual Presents I trust you've heard of virtual bouquets and postcards, but this is the best so far. It's so much more versatile -- send anything from flowers to cars to buffaloes and holidays in the Carribean! Definitely worth a check-out.

HTML Goodies A truly excellent page if you want to get started on your own web page. This teaches you how to change the colours of stuff and how to do lots more. It's so comprehensive it could fill a book in itself! It has a database of backgrounds too.

Authoritative Guide to HTML This is also verrrry good. It's not as comprehensive as the above-mentioned page, but it's an excellent quick-reference guide to the tags you need to know. Well categorized too.

TUCOWS Actually, that stands fot "The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software". It's not a bad site if you're interested in downloading software. Has many of the major freeware and shareware programs.
Hint: Use their search function. Totally reliable! Bound to turn up what you want.

Microsoft Internet Assistant This is the download site. A really nifty program that lets you create your web pages in a Microsoft Word enviroment. You need Word first to use this, though. Part of my page was created using this. It's really good for beginners.

Mail me!Want to make a suggestion about my page? Feel like talking to me? Enjoy sending mail? Or just plain like clicking? Well, then, click this button!!!

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