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I love the Animaniacs. In fact, they're one of the things that make my life worth living (the other being chocolate). You'll love 'em too once you watch them!

The Animaniacs is mainly about the Warner trio of cartoon siblings: two brothers named Yakko, Wakko and their sister Dot (The CUTE one!). They are Warners (not any particular animal, but a combination of many. Kind of difficult to describe... just go watch 'em, all right?) They are the stars of the show, and my personal favourites. My personal favourite of the three is Yakko, since, like him, I love to yak. He's the wittiest (in my opinion). I'm also fond of Dot.

The Warner siblings may be the main characters, but they also share the limelight with a host of others. Prominent among these are a pair of lab mice called Pinky and the Brain. Every day, they attempt to take over the world with ingenious plans that sound great in theory but fail for one reason or another. They were so popular they got their own show!

As for the rest of the characters,they are:

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Ehh, but enough with my ramblings already. Let's get to the links!

Animaniacs Links

Animaniacs Pointers Stewart Clamen's page. One of the original ones, and still ranking among the best.

Err Right Brain!!! A pretty decent archive. Great sounds, and some zipped video clips too.

The Animaniacs Mega Lyrics File The good ol' AMLF, maintained by my good friend Keeper (Ron O' Dell). 5 thumbs up!

Keeper's Files You've seen his AMLF, now see the rest of his stuff. Keeper's got a pretty good toons page, and a MIDI one too.

Tom Madden's Page: The Watertower! A "great info site", as described by the great guru of web sites Yahoo!.

Wilford B. Wolf's Place I like this one a lot. The links are all relevant and useful. It's so good, you gotta check it out for yourself.

Animaniacs! Quite a good -- no make that very good -- link page. Give it a hit! Excellent formatting too.

Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs! The official KidsWB site. Cute, but really not much. A couple of clips, some pics, and a neat little character description bit.

Warner Brothers' Animation Page This is easily the better of the two official sites. (It's the offical WBA site.) It's pretty spiffy, but beware... it works best under Netscape 1.12, has a lot of moving .gifs, and isn't recomended for any connection slower than 28,800 bps. If you have anything under Netscape 1.12, you don't get the moving .gifs, but it's still pretty graphics-intensive, and will take a long time to load, even on a 28,000bps connection. If all you're interested in is the info (which is pretty good) and the downloads (which are also great), I suggest you turn off the "Auto Load Images" function beforehand. You have been warned.

List O' Links: Entertainment Kelson Vibber has an excellent transcription of Les Miseranimals. It's good for a lot of other Animaniacs- (and non-Animaniacs-) related stuff as well...

James' (Probably Illegal) Animaniacs Page Good. Contains tons of quotes, as well as a transcription of Pip Pumphandle's speech.

Egg's Animaniacs' Sites Eggie's page has got a pretty decent number of links.

Smeghead's Page He's such a nice guy, and he has a nice page too. Worth checking out.

Neuracnu's Page Worth a try. Many links to the frequently accessed documents.

#watertower Maintained by Minkie Mink, this page tells you what IRC program you can use, how to get the program, how to connect, how to behave, who's on the channel... just about everything, actually.

Yakko's Cohorts in the Pillow Pile Another #watertower page. This is more of a page for links to the home pages of the channel characters.

KinkyTurtle's Home Page KT's fan artwork found here. Need I say more? (Well, actually, yes. This page is a collection of the cartoon renderings of the people on #watertower.)

Yahoo's Animaniacs Sites Who could do without Yahoo? They've come up with a link page for us!

Ultimate TV List: Animaniacs Not to be outdone, the UTVL has done one too.

Sound places

Places for you to get all those Animaniacs sounds for your computer.

Animaniacs Sound Directory Arguably the best one around.

Animaniacs Sounds Pretty good site too.

Other sound places you could check out:

Animaniacs from The Wire

Clamen's Animaniacs' Sounds

John's Animaniacs' Sounds

I have some more Animaniacs sounds of my own too. I just can't remember the sites I got them from, because being naughty, I forgot to bookmark them. If you can't find them to download yourself, check here. If you want, I'd be more than happy to mail them to you. Just mail me and tell me which one you want. I swear I check my e-mail regularly... at least twice a week.

See the list of my sounds

FTP Places

What would we do without good old FTP? It makes downloading so convenient.

The KidsWB FTP site Well, it's not the official site, it's SheilaWarner's (Jay Maynard) site. Wonderful for anything multimedia: pics, sounds and even movie clips!

Rasputin A great place for practically any text-based document on the show you could need. (This is the base directory. You'll have to go to one of the sub-directories to find the true info. The base has some pics, though.) Since the previous operator (my friend Brendan) moved to Oregon, FuzzyTiger's been maintaining it (hence the address change).

This is something I haven't found anywhere else: The questions asked on "Survey Ladies"! (Yes, the "Would ya like to take a surr-vay?" one...) So I took the liberty of transcribing it myself. Here it is!

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