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My sounds...

These sounds are more music clips and songs than anything, since that's what I like to hear. They are in .wav and .au formats. You can mail me for details.

Sounds in .wav format

All The Words in the English Language (1st verse) (185 KB)

Anvilania Theme (185 KB)

French Animaniacs Theme (514 KB)

Humans (837 KB)

Little Miss Muffet (89 KB)

Multiplication (1st verse) (203 KB)

Skippy and Slappy (153 KB)

The Big Wrap Party (1st verse) (211 KB)

The Complete Anvil Song (455 KB) I edited this track to splice both verses of the song together. I have them separately too, if you want.

Video Revue (1.09 MB) I sincerely love this one. It's huge, but really really good.

Sounds in .au format

I am the Very Model of a Cartoon Individual (431 KB) This was snagged from the Funet site. Strangely though, it's incomplete. It's missing the last two lines. That's the fault of the digitizer. I downloaded it twice to make sure. The completed file on my computer was the same size as the one on the FTP site. Ah well. Still good, though.

Jack Sprat (107 KB)

Mary had a Little Lamb (76.4 KB)

Pinky and the Brain (276 KB) The regular theme they play before each clip.

Prime Time -- Pinky and the Brain (458 KB) This is the "full" theme, with every single lyric. Mine's missing the last chord... the modem quit on me. I got it from the TV Themes site. Download it yourself if you wish.

There was an Old Woman (99.5 KB)

Wakko's States (945 KB)

Yakko's World (844 KB)

Something non-Animaniacal but still good...

Brush Your Teeth (798 KB) My first attempt at self-digitizing. It's from the Berenstain bears, and it's so funny!!

Up, Down Winnie the Pooh! He's so cute too.... This is from the Disney site.

Digitized on request!!!

These are songs that appear on the 3 Animaniacs CDs. I don't have the disk space to digitize them all, but it is easily done. Mail me if you want any of them.

Animaniacs Theme

Yakko's Universe


What Are We?

Yes, Brothers Warner We

I Am the Very Model of a Cartoon Individual Yes, this is the COMPLETE version for those who just couldn't live without the last line.

I'm Mad

The Planets

The Etiquette Song

I'm Cute

The Senses

Be Careful What You Eat

Let the Anvils Ring

Animaniacs Theme (Instrumental)

Variety Speak

The Monkey Song

All The Words In The English Language Yes, all 3 parts!

Pinky and The Brain Theme This is the standard theme with some extra instrumentals thrown in.

Cheese Roll Call


Dot's Song Otherwise known as Mary Tyler Dot.

Dot's Quiet Time

Slappy Squirrel Theme

Wakko's Two Note Song I haven't found anyone so far who doesn't love this.

The Presidents' Song

The Anvil Song As heard in the Variety Pack album. Has a bunch of extra Baloney rubbish-speak.

The Big Wrap Party

The Goodbye Song

Mail me to tell me which file you'd like. I can give you details on each file too.

This (getting sounds through mail) is rather risky. It should only be attempted if you have a fast modem, a good computer (mine's a 486 with 16 meg RAM and a 28.8 modem), and a decent server. (AOLers, this means you...)
Oh yes, and for those larger sounds, a "email collection space" of OVER 1 meg. Longer songs are bound to take up a huge amount of space, especially since I can only digitize in huuuge .wav format. I could always convert them to .au or something, but I couldn't even fig out where to start in SoX. *sigh* Help, anyone?

My friend once asked me to send her a couple of graphics files. Unfortunately, her computer had 4 meg RAM and a 14.4 modem. The graphics kept clogging up her account and she couldn't receive her other mail for a week! In the end, she had to give me her password to get the stuff out of her account. I then had to forward all her other mail back to her. Just to make sure, keep a friend handy to do the same for you.

I've found, though, that sound files travel considerably faster through mail (if it doesn't clog up) than by the web. For example, what took me half an hour to download took another friend 5 minutes (she has almost the same system as me, but with 8 meg RAM) to receive when I sent it to her.

Please e-mail me after I send a file to you, to tell me how it turned out. Please also include your system's details, so that I can eventually format a set of minumum system requirements.

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